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“I love helping small businesses create a presence online that reflects their values and vision.”

Michelle Harrington, Owner, Emagine Web Marketing


About Emagine

Emagine is a Kauai-based web marketing company that helps small businesses expand their reach and increase sales through innovative and effective web marketing and optimization strategies.  Emagine is known for creating compelling, attractive, mobile and user-friendly websites that rank well in the search engines.  To see samples of our work, view our portfolio.  We also provide website reviews, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media and reputation management consulting.


What You Can Expect

Emagine has a proven record of achievement in design, implementation, optimization and  project management.  I listen to my clients and provide affordable, effective and expandable solutions and involve them in the process as the project unfolds, paying close attention to the details.  Emagine clients benefit from individual attention and the value of on-going customer support.


What People Are Saying

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many small businesses and organizations, developing websites that reflect their vision and values, are quick to download, simple to navigate, a pleasure to read and are easily found in the search engines. My success is due in large part to customer loyalty. Providing superior customer service is important to me and its obviously meant alot to my clients too, as most of my business comes from client referrals.  To read what Emagine clients are saying, click here.


Demystifying the Web for Small Businesses

Educating my clients is an integral part of the service I provide.  Whether I’m explaining the nuances of internet marketing or providing training on the use of a content management system, I love empowering clients with knowledge.  To learn more about the services Emagine provides, click here.